Project Esther is an organisation set up specifically to support Tasmanian women and families.

Our aim is to empower women and/or couples to choose to parent (either for the first time or multiple times) without fear of discrimination or outside circumstances determining their choice to parent.

We advocate on behalf of pregnant women in the work place, home, universities, at day care centres  (to get early enrolment), schools (ensuring adequate support), disability services, child protection or wherever its needed, to ensure that continuing a pregnancy does not mean discontinuing the things in a woman’s life, and her families, that are important to them.

Our aim is to make Tasmania the most family friendly state in Australia.

Project Esther is also in the business of promoting & creating services that move obstacles to ensure pregnancy & parenting is a positive and inclusive experience for women and their families. This  means that all women pregnant and/or with babies/children can contribute and participate in all aspects of life – family, community, health and education without fear, discrimination and/or lack of services to accommodate their situation.

We make this happen through:

Esther’s House Pregnancy & Early Parenting Support Service  

At Esther’s House we aim to ensure that every woman who finds herself pregnant will be supported, know all of the options available to her and be empowered to embrace the pregnancy emotionally, physically and financially, if they choose to do so. Click here to find our more.

Esther’s House Baby Feed & Change  Facility


Our change and feed facility is available to organisers of markets, festivals, shows and any community event. The facility offers parents a free private and warm space to feed and change baby while also offering a play pen for siblings to utilise while mum feeds. We offer our mums free bottled water, blankets to keep warm and big comfy chairs with lots of cushions for extra comfort. For enquiries and bookings click here

Project Esther Inc. is a N.G.O, D.G.R registered with the Australian Charities & Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) ..

All donations are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Beautiful this site was made… God Bless and Mary Keep all whom come here, and those who labor here.. Amen.. +++ <3

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