Project Esther is for women, children and families. Our focus is  women who are struggling with a challenging, unplanned and/or crisis pregnancy.

 Our organisation understands when a  woman finds herself in this  vulnerable state that outside pressure from family and friends and lack of viable alternatives can pressure her to make a decision that she may live to regret.

Project Esther is in the business of moving obstacles to ensure women can make independent, confident and  fully informed choices.

At Project Esther, We want to see women facing an un-planned or crisis pregnancy empowered to embrace their most profound power – the ability to create life – to take what’s in their hand – the power of creation, love and motherhood and run with it fearlessly.

My Gift to Project Esther 

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  1. Beautiful this site was made… God Bless and Mary Keep all whom come here, and those who labor here.. Amen.. +++ <3

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